Apnea Courses in Malta


Start your Freediver certification in Malta. Experience the joys of immersing yourself in the hear of the Mediterranean


Learn the secret techniques used by Mediterranean spear-fishers, and experience the rush of underwater hunting. It's you against the elements!

Advanced Freedivers

Take your breath-hold skills to the next level. To dive deep, and for longer, Relax! You will have to start within!

Freediver's Blog


The Captain’s Log

So we mentioned it a couple of times and I thought today would be fitting to have it done.  Here’s a place to share your free-diving & spear-fishing knowledge, experiences, moments. Think of it as your very own Captain’s log. Happy Birthday Jones 😉   EL. 25.10.14

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Riviera Malta

Luke’s bird day camping

Camping this weekend! mela,, riviera at the top! camping,,,with fun and games spearfishing,,freediving at slugs bay,,music,, bring anything you want to be there.. 3 days 2 nights!

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Take your deepest breath yet.