Why Malta?

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Why Malta?

Yes Malta has it all (not just super diving spots). Sun, happy people, nightlife, adventure, everything is a 15 min bus ride away. Whether you like to travel 5 star or share a room in a hostel, we can help you (send an email). Malta relies heavily on tourism in the summer months so its infrastructure is designed to be helpful to tourists. Besides our crystal blue waters we offer countless worthwhile attractions and activities all year round. We recommend that you visit http://www.visitmalta.com.

Anyway back to freediving! An abundance of wrecks, reefs and fun divesites, I guarantee you cannot possibly see them all in one summer month, even if you dive all day everyday. Dependinlocationsg on preferring optimal whether conditions, the choice is yours. With depths ranging from 5m to 50m, boat, warship, or airplane wrecks, reefs,caves and swim through’s, fantastic locations where you can relax, socialize and have a snack right after the dive. Most sites are easily accessible from land, the others we can visit by boat. Our waters are safe, with few mildly poisonous fish and no man eating predators; (I have never seen one). The chance of encountering something dangerous is very low. Visibility changes according to location and currents, however the norm would be around 20-25m clear sight. We are experts at choosing the perfect location for you, depending on your level and taste. Since Malta is an Island with many natural harbor’s, we will always find a suitable dive site any time of year!




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