Jesper Stechmann

Jesper Stechmann is a World Champion Freediver, Mental Trainer and Underwater Adventurer. As a top class Freediver he is one of the most experienced athletes and instructors in the world of freediving.


Born in Denmark Jesper is one of the world’s most experienced freedivers, and coaches. He started his career in 2001 when he attended the 2001 A.I.D.A World Championships Ibiza. He has loved the ocean and the philosophy of freedivng ever since.
In 2010 he became world champion with the Danish team, and he has since then been a top five allround freediver in the world.
He currently spends most of the year in Malta, dedicated to giving you professional freediving courses around our Islands.

”’What I love about freediving is the silence and the flexibility of the mind and body you experience during the dives. And as a teacher I love passing on the same experience to others with the same passion and inner quest.
Freediving is for me the ultimate freedom”.’


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