What is freediving?


Dolphins freedive, whales freedive, our ancestors where freedivers and potentially  you are too! Freediving has been around as long as human beings. If you can hold your breath and swim, you are already freediving.


This section is designed to inform, educate and broaden your understanding of free-diving, as a hobby or sport , all the way from beginner to instructor. Understanding, practicing and enjoying freediving safely is the goal. We are here to teach, support  and take you to the next level.


In this section I have put together a few things I have learnt throughout the years. They are brief straight to the point and organized according to their title. Feel free to read and broaden your knowledge. Reading and being well informed does not make you qualified in any way, practice with a qualified instructor is the only way. Sometimes a little learning can be dangerous, giving you the false impression that you know what you are doing, remember accidents happen, even to pro’s. I strongly advise you to do what I have done and that is to progress slowly at your own pace, enjoy the dive, know yourself and your limits. Coming from an Island I have witnessed my fair share of sea accidents and its usually the over-confident inexperienced divers who pay the price. Having said that, it is thanks to our capacity to learn, understand and broaden our knowledge that free diving is such a fast growing sport.  So happy reading 🙂

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