Freediving Courses





Choose the course that rights for you, whether you just got a calling to spend more time under the sea or you are already experienced, join us to learn more!

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We offer tailor made sessions, certification , courses in responsible spearfishing, safety courses, all the way up to instructor.


Half day session

Beginner to intermediate certified courses

Pool sessions

Advanced Freediving




If you are not sure which course is the right course for you try a FREEDIVING DISCOVERY course


You will learn:

  • breathing and relaxation techniques to help you hold your breath longer and more efficiently.
  • The correct way to start the dive and how to equalize during the decent.
  • The correct use of equipment and choosing the right equipment
  • Safe breathing technquies and general saftey




Half day course




Meet with the professionals for a morning or afternoon for a personalized freediving session. Work on breathing exercises, depth training or dynamic.


Price 60 EUR








 Freediving Course – Beginner to Intermediate (Level 1 or Level 2)




Take your first steps into the fantastic world of freediving or continue your development and skills with this course.

You will receive individual attention, tailored and perfect just for you. Three days of educational freediving, designed to take freediving to the next level and to adapt your mind and body to the ocean.During this course you will learn about freediving physiology, safety in freediving, philosophy of freediving – breathing and relaxation training. You will master fining techniques, diving techniques and equalization, which are key points to be safe and confident in the water.
In total you will take part in 6 full freediving sessions over the course of three days
Confined Water sessions: For practicing confidence,breathhold, relaxation, rescue/safety, fining techniques
Open water sessions: We go to depths from 0 to around 30 meters. You work with mental balance, relaxation, equalization and safety/rescue skills.

Depending on YOUR adaptation, progression and WISHES – we will during the course go forward with your development and teach you more about:

  • Frenzel Equalization techniques and more advanced freediving physiology theory..
  • Stretching and Breathing sessions that will enable you to prepare you for the depth.
  • Freefalling: You will learn to master the freefalling technique in order to stay relaxed and save oxygen – freefalling is the true gateway to the beautiful inner exploration of freediving.

Duration: 3 days
Price: €310,- certification card, freediver logbook is included in the course fee.



Pool Freediving Teachings (Static and Dynamic)

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Join us in this Freediving Pool Course  to improve your freediving skills in safe and capable hands.

What is Dynamic: Monofin, Bifin and No Fins swimming techniques for the Dynamic disciplines. In a 50m pool.

What is Static: Breathing for performance, The mental game, coaching and warm-ups for static

Time: 08:00 – 17:00

Price: €110

Freediving Course – Advanced (Level 3)


You are already and experienced freediver and dive comfortably to at least 25 meters. You now have a desire to go even deeper and explore you self and your freediving with advanced techniques and training methods. Here the aim is to give you the tools, the knowledge and skills to dive to 40 meters and below.
We will work a lot with mental approaches to freediving. You will try to do maximum dives in the pool and in depth. When you are freediving at this level the mental balance and bodily awareness is key.

This course is the final course in the teaching system – here you will learn all the skills necessary to really explore your freediving potential
We will work with – mouthfill equalization techniques – diving below residual capacity – mental and bodily adaptation to the depth.

The theory and practice will cover:

– Professional Freediving Equipment
– Rigging ropes and floats for freediving
– Deep Diving Physiology
– Deep Diving Psychology
– Fitness Training for freediving
– Food for Freediving
– Freediving Rescue and Safety
Duration: 4 days
Price:€ 375

Feel free to contact us/ask questions.